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Try Sellvia! The #1 Dropshipping Supplier In The U.S.

These years, when most of our daily activities and interactions are taking place online, there’s nothing surprising in the growing interest in all things ecommerce.

That’s why Sellvia, an all-on-one ecommerce ecosystem, has emerged – and made it possible for everyone to launch a professional online store targeting the United States, the world’s most promising ecommerce market.

Introducing Sellvia

As a full-scale ecommerce ecosystem covering all the technical, marketing, and educational

needs of those willing to start and grow their online businesses, Sellvia includes:

● A convenient ecommerce platform

Where can you get a fully functional online store that accepts online payments, processes

orders, and provides just the perfect shopping experience? Compatible with WordPress,

WooCommerce, and Shopify, Sellvia software allows for smooth, effortless operation even if

you’ve never tried yourself in ecommerce before.

● Growing stock of best-selling products

What exactly will you sell through your intuitive and beautiful online store? Sellvia takes care of

it, too – and doesn’t require you to manufacture or buy any products in advance. There already

is a winning catalog of thousands of items to sell in your store, and it’s only up to you to decide

which of them to add and distribute through your store – you’re your only boss!

● Fulfillment Center in California

Keeping each and every product from its impressive catalog in a California-based warehouse,

Sellvia is responsible for all fulfillment and logistic procedures that keep your business

functional. As it processes an incoming order from your store, the team assembles the required

package in one business day and hands it over to UPS or USPS, thus guaranteeing 1-3 days

US delivery.

free dropshipping store

Marketing guidance

How to make sure your store makes sales? Simply launch ad campaigns following Sellvia

recommendations: from unique ad copies for some best-selling products to step-by-step

advertising roadmaps, there’s everything to present your store products in the best light


● US-based manufacture

Want to turn some passion or interest of yours into a thriving business? With Sellvia, you can

launch your own brand and trust the team with every aspect of its creation – from developing

the brand identity to manufacturing the products you’ll be selling exclusively.

● Free lifelong support

Not sure how to manage the tech part of your newly launched store or what to do when a

customer is angry with you? Whatever business challenge you face, Sellvia support team is

committed to helping you out and guiding you through every step of your ecommerce journey.

What does Sellvia offer?

Sellvia Subscription

Sellvia subscription costs only $39/month. For this price, you get time-tested product

descriptions and media materials, real customers’ reviews, and proven-to-be-successful

Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. Additionally, subscription will grant you lifelong

customer support and allow you to receive email updates on all the new added products!

free dropshipping store

Sellvia Pro

Surprisingly, the offer within Sellvia Pro – a tailor-made Custom Store filled with products and

ready to operate from day one – costs you $0! That’s right: you can start an ecommerce

business for free and explore the opportunities it opens up for you during the 14-day free trial.

After that, it will be costing you $399/year to keep running your distinctive online business

almost on autopilot!

Sellvia Services

Everyone willing to grow their online businesses can do this effortlessly with Sellvia digital

marketers’ assistance. From influencer collaborations to search engine optimization efforts,

there are plenty of promotional steps Sellvia team can walk you though – or take on your behalf for your business benefit.

Sellvia Affiliate Program

It doesn’t cost you anything to become a member of the Sellvia Affiliate Community – but what

you gain is profits and knowledge! For many people, becoming an affiliate is the first step ever in

the ecommerce industry as risks and startup expenses are virtually nonexistent. At the same

time, driving a customer to Sellvia, you can make up to $2,997 per one transaction!

Sellvia: best features

Along with a neat and professional online store, you enjoy fast US shipping, a long list of

proven-to-be-profitable trending products, low initial prices for the most demanded items on the

market, and best product descriptions in the industry. Thanks to all these features, you will be

able to run and scale your business effortlessly even if it’s your first time doing ecommerce.

free dropshipping store

Fast US shipping

As you probably know, one of the core elements of high customer satisfaction is fast shipping. It

holds many benefits from high customer satisfaction and less refunds to repeat purchases. In

other words, by offering fast shipping, you create an advantage over your competitors.

While most ecommerce suppliers you come across online are just order aggregators without

any physical inventory behind their online catalogs, all the products Sellvia offers are in stock in

their own fulfillment center! They don’t reorder any items from third parties.

As the Fulfillment Center is located in California, US, Sellvia guarantees fast shipping (1-3

business days) which is provided by USPS and UPS across the US. It takes only 24 hours for

them to process the order and hand it to the postal service. Simply speaking, Sellvia takes the

responsibility of order fulfillment off your hands – from packaging to shipping.

Time-tested products at low prices

Sellvia provides entrepreneurs only with trustworthy items that proved to be profit-making in

terms of ecommerce. They carefully select each product that you can find in the Sellvia’s

catalog. Since they’re eager to provide you with the best items to resell, a number of criteria is


Every product is checked for its popularity, demand, functionality, and emotional value, which

can easily trigger impulse purchases. It means that you don’t need to analyze the market and

look for trending products to sell. If dealing with Sellvia, you get instant FREE access to an

extensive database of hot ecommerce products with fast US shipping! What is more, every

week you get the week’s top-selling products right in your dashboard.

Another important aspect is the price. Reselling goods from Sellvia will make your offers as

good as Amazon’s and even better than the ones of AliExpress. You see, in some cases Sellvia

is happy to offer a price that is almost 4 times lower. And lower prices mean you can get more


free dropshipping store

In addition, the quality of products is thoroughly controlled. Before adding a product to the

catalog, the team of Sellvia orders samples to make sure their quality is high enough. Moreover,

when a consignment of goods is received, the team checks random samples to make sure that

clients will not get defective products.

Powerful product descriptions

Each product from the Sellvia’s catalog comes with a top-quality product page. And these

descriptions can easily be the best ones in the industry.

They cover all the bases – looking at product details, professional photos, benefits, unique features, and potential end-users. Catchy

headlines are also utilized to make copy flow and read in an engaging voice.

Inspired by stylish examples of Apple and other tech giants, they really prove to be

high-converting. And all you need to do is to import it to your store in one click!

Who is Sellvia for?

Sellvia is a winning choice for every person who wants to launch a profitable online business

with no previous experience in the field and limited startup funds at hand. Moreover, it offers

established online business owners to scale their ventures greatly by entering a highly

promising US market with an unbeatable product offering. Whether you’re an experienced

entrepreneur or a beginner in ecommerce, Sellvia offers an opportunity to build your own online

business empire!

To Join Sellvia and achieve the financial independence you’ve been looking for…..visit for more.